A Conversation about RC Sproul

Dr. Stephen Nichols joins my podcast to discuss his new book on the life of an influential Christian leader.

It’s hard to overstate the impact of Dr. R.C. Sproul. His books teaching theology and apologetics shaped several generations of Christians. Dr. Stephen Nichols has written a compelling biography, RC. Sproul, a Life.

He joined my podcast, The Way Home to discuss RC Sproul. A few interesting facts:

  • Ligonier Ministries started when a wealthy benefactress asked R.C. Sproul “What would you do if you could whatever you wanted for the rest of your life?”

  • Among the young people who gathered at the study center were Tim and Kathy Keller, who were later married by R.C. Sproul.

  • As a child, R.C. Sproul grew up in a church that didn’t preach the biblical gospel.

  • R.C. Sproul was present at Forbes Field when Bill Mazeroski hit the game-winning home run in the 1960 World Series, giving the Pittsburgh Pirates a World Championship.

  • Richard Nixon, Alice Cooper, and an unnamed CIA director read R.C. Sprouls’ books.

  • RC. Sproul wrote his books longhand on yellow legal pads. Even did footnotes this way.

Go listen to the podcast here.

photo credit: Ligoner Ministries