The Books That Helped Me Write About Genesis

I just turned in my manuscript for The Characters of Creation. Here are the resources that helped me write it.

I just turned in my manuscript for The Characters of Creation in my series with Moody Publishers. I enjoy writing books in this series and this one was fun as well, though perhaps a bit more of a challenge given all of the profound theology and concepts in the first eleven chapters of Genesis.

Some have asked for a list of good resources on Genesis. Here is a list of the books I consulted. I also listened to and read quite a few articles and sermons, but I didn’t list those here. This list may be boring to you or it may be helpful. I’m not sure, but here it is:

Genesis Commentaries:

Five Books of Moses - Robert Alter

NIV Application Commentary - Genesis - John Walton

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture - Genesis

The Genesis Record - Henry Morris

Be Basic - Warren Wiersbe

Preaching the Word Commentary - Genesis - Kent Hughes

New American Commentary - Genesis - Kenneth Matthews

Word Biblical Commentary - Genesis - Gordon Wenham

Bible Speaks Today Commentary - Genesis - David Atkinson

Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries - Genesis - Derek Kidner (Kidner’s Genesis is now published by IVP as Kidner Classic Commentaries)

Genesis, A Commentary - Bruce Waltke

Genesis 1-4, a Linguistic, Literary and Theological Commentary - John Collins

Genesis Volume 1 - James Montgomery Boice

Calvin’s Commentary on Genesis

Martin Luther’s Commentary on Genesis

From Adam to Noah, a Commentary on the Book of Genesis, Umberto Echo

Study Bibles:

I also consulted a variety of study Bibles:

ESV Study Bible

CSB Study Bible

Zondervan NIV Study Bible (Edited by DA Carson)

Tony Evans Study Bible

The Spurgeon Study Bible

Archeological Study Bible

Living Insights Study Bible (Chuck Swindoll)

Theological resources

I also consulted these theological resources:

Commentary on New Testament Use of the Old Testament (Carson and Beale)

Dictionary of Biblical Theology (Carson, Alexander, Goldsworthy, Rosner)

Encyclopedia of Biblical Difficulties (Gleason Archer)

Tempted and Tried by Russell Moore

Four Views of the Historical Adam - Zondervan series

Systematic Theology - John Frame

Christian Theology - Millard Erickson

Systematic Theology - Wayne Grudem

Evangelical Theology - Michael Bird

The Accidental Feminist - Courtney Reissig

Atypical Woman - Abigail Dodds

Commentaries on Bible Books that Intersect with Genesis

Baker Exegetical Commentary Series - Luke - Darrell Bock

Paul by Thomas Schreiner

Commentary on Hebrews by Albert Mohler

Commentary on Hebrews by Thomas Schreiner

New American Commentary on 1, 2 Peter and Jude by Thomas Schreiner

Commentary on 1, 2 Peter and Jude by John McArthur

Tyndale New Testament Commentary - 1 Peter - Wayne Grudem

NIV Application Commentary - Hebrews - George Guthrie

Be Confident - Commentary on Hebrews - Warren Wiersbe

Hebrews - New American Commentary - David Allen

Hebrews - New International Commentary - FF Bruce

2 Peter - Martin Lloyd Jones

photo credit: ELAC Libraries