"The Characters of Easter" Releases Today

My new book is now available!

Today is the Day! My book, The Characters of Easter is available to order. 

I am excited about what God might do through this book. The message of Easter has never been more important: that there is hope in a world of brokenness and despair. The gruesome death and triumphant resurrection of Jesus Christ is not just a nice opportunity to dress up in our finest clothes and eat some pastel-colored candy. We believe Jesus really rose from the grave and the resurrection really changes everything. 

The Characters of Easter tells history's greatest story through the eyes of the ordinary people who lived it. Here are the chapters: 

The Failure: Peter
The Beloved: John
The Betrayer: Judas
The Powerless: Pilate
The Doubter: Thomas
The Rogue: Barrabas
The Religious: Pharisees, Scribes, and Saduccess 
The Witnesses: Women at the Tomb
The Secret Disciples: Nicodemus and Joseph 
The Executioners: Who Were the Romans? 

The Characters of Easter could be a helpful resource for your family or group or church as you contemplate the cross and resurrection this Easter. And my publisher, Moody Press has created some very helpful resources, including detailed sermon outlines, campaign graphics, and digital tools for your church. All of the digital files are available here for free

If you want to purchase bulk copies of The Characters of Easter for your church, Moody Publishers has some good discounts available.  You can email church@moody.edu or call them at (800) 678-8812.  

Thank you for your faithfulness in leading and serving in this season. I'm praying that God uses you to deliver the good news of the gospel to those who seek hope.

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