Three Big Questions That Every Teen Faces

A conversation with Kara Powell about parenting young people

Our house is full of young people. We have a sixteen-year-old, a thirteen-year-old, an eleven-year-old, and a ten-year-old. In a couple of years, we will have four teens under the same roof. This means a few things: a) our food bill is growing b) our house is lively and fun with quite a few spirited conversations and c) Mom and Dad need help parenting these almost-but-not-quite adults.

This is why I really enjoy the work of Kara Powell, who directs the Fuller Youth Institute. Kara and her team have been studying the lives of Christian teens and not only have quite a bit of helpful research on behaviors and attitudes that impact their faith but have produced quite a few resources that are extremely helpful.

Kara’s latest is Three Big Questions The Change Every Teenager. Spoiler alert: I’m going to give you the three questions she addresses that teens face:

Who Am I?
Where Do I Fit?
What Difference Do I Make?

Kara not only addresses these questions but helps parents know how to answer them and how to create environments where Christian teens can have these important conversations. She joined me on the latest episode of The Way Home podcast. You can listen in any of your favorite podcast apps or listen to the link from Spotify below:

Photo by Creative Christians on Unsplash