Hello, Dan,

I recently took note of your podcast. Your courage and boldness in standing up for traditional values resonates with me, and I find it refreshing to see your success in pushing back against the woke culture.

I am a writer and speaker on the topic of personal excellence and true prosperity who has hosted investment radio shows, and served as the business news reporter and analyst for a news and lifestyle TV show. I have also served as an investment advisor and manager, prosecuted and defended criminal cases as trial lawyer, and investigated bank robberies as an F.B.I. agent.

I am in the final stages of completing a book about the true meaning of prosperity and personal excellence in every part of life. Having studied the Bible and led Bible studies, I feel led to share what God’s word tells us will truly make us prosperous: including, of course, pursuing excellence in taking care of your family, your country and your relationship with God.

I believe you and your audience would appreciate the book, which is why I'm writing to ask if you will allow me to send you a review copy of my book in the future when it is published, and if you might want to talk about it (with or without me) on your podcast.

With appreciation,

Craig Brenton


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Awesome "word" Daniel. I believe the "next generation" is a key line in this article. I look at my four children who are growing up in a "Tik-Tok" theology society. They are being pounded with questions that rival everything they have ever been taught. As parents and pastors, we must be relentless in our efforts to convey the truth and the sole authority of Scripture to them.

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